Yee Yee Dusty Rose Pullover

Yee Yee Dusty Rose Pullover

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Country girls! Someone told us y'all would like something other than black and camo and we found the perfect hoodie for you! We partnered with Amber Smith to create The Yee Yee Dusty Rose pullover. It's super soft, hooded, and extremely comfortable.


What does 'yee yee' mean? Yee Yee Apparel is a Texas based, patriotic, outdoor apparel company. Yee Yee Nation may not be related by blood, but we’re bonded by a shared passion for the outdoors, and living life to its fullest. We’re all about the things you care about - a deer stand on a November morning, a firm handshake, a cold beer with old friends, the smell of a cedar tree, a wet dog, and a spent cartridge. In a politically correct world, we’re not afraid to stand up for what we believe in. Welcome to the family. Welcome to Yee Yee Nation.

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