One Year Ago, The Best Music Video of All-Time Was Released


Seems like just yesterday. This was one of the most fun days that the Yee Yee Farm has ever seen and that's saying something.

What a group of people. From Granger to Earl Dibbles to Mat Best to Dale Brisby and even some Dallas Cowboys a ton more. Maybe when this whole Coronavirus thing is done, we'll try to do it again.

Y'all make sure you check out some of the different behind the scenes videos which are almost as cool as the music video:









  • Where can you get one of those YEE YEE bandanas Granger has around his neck at the end???

    Kyle Smith
  • This blew me away ! What a video !! Alls what’s good about YeeYee and Granger !
    Live life to the fullest !!💕

    Tracy Potter
  • wow behind the scenes videos are entertaining as hell! Had to send them to my friends so they could see for themselves. We’re all huge fans of Granger and Earl. Glad you shared them with us! YEE YEE


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