Joe Diffie's Neighborhood Had a Tractor Parade to Celebrate His Life


Source - News of country music star Joe Diffie's passing is felt around the country, but perhaps nowhere more than his own Nolensville neighborhood, where his neighbors weren't going to let the current climate get in the way of their goodbyes.

From the social distance of their own trucks, cars, and green John Deeres, Nolensville paid tribute to the 90s country music legend in a drive-by parade.

"[A] Song comes on the radio and you just know all the words by heart," Mick Hill told News4 he's a loyal, lifelong fan from the driver's seat of a John Deer. "And it’s just part of you, part of life."

"Shock I think possibly would be the best way to describe that," family friend Lisa Garramone said of the news of his passing. It came Sunday. Diffie went public with his Coivd-19 diagnosis Friday. He was 61.

"I was crushed. I was crushed," Hill said.


What a sight. Tons of John Deere tractors driving down the road, all playin' Joe Diffie hits. There won't be a a funeral right now because of CDC rules but don't tell that to the community of Nolensville, Tennessee. This is why country music is the best. 

Rest in Peace, Joe. ❤️


  • Rest in peace Joe . You were a very talented and influential musician and although you are now an angel in heaven you left behind a legacy that will live forever. Just like you said in my favorite song "ships that dont come in " we bitch about a dollar whem theres those without a dime". I say that to say to all of your family , friends and fans. Appreciate the things we have in life as we never know when they will be gone and appreciate what we have no matter how little because there is always someone who has less. May God Bless your wife and family. Heaven has received an angel that will arrive to all through your songs that have changed my focus and thoughts on whats most inportant in life and make me realize its not what you have in life but how you treat and apprecaite the things you do have . We all miss and Love you here earth -3rd rock from the sun

    Dave Moncavage
  • He was a true country singer and gentleman every time I saw him. Will not ever be another like him

    Larry Tucker
  • To Joe’s Family, Friends and fans. My heart is broken for all of you. I lost
    the love of my life (my husband) in June 2005. “Stand me up by the jukebox” is one of my favorite songs. Much later when I went to a Beach Music event; the DJ was nice enough to play “Stand me up by the jukebox “ in memory of my husband Sam. I’m Praying for God’s Mercy, Grace and blessings for everyone during this nightmare plague called Covid -19.
    Praying also that God will give you Peace that surpasses all understanding. 🙏🏻

    C S Potter
  • Rest Peacefully, Joe. You’ve been the Soundtrack of our lives. The first song my baby boy ever sang was Pick Up Man… He’ll be 29 on Sunday. Thank you for the memories.

    Johnny& Mary
  • Wow, what a way to say we love you Joe. My deepest condolences to Joe’s family, friends and many fans. May your many wonderful memories help ease your sorrow and loss. Rest In Peace, Joe!

    Jeanneane R Davidson

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