Budweiser Debuts Powerful New Commercial Honoring Frontline Workers

Source - Two months ago, Budweiser released “Typical American,” a Super Bowl ad featuring a nurse, a firefighter, a soldier and other everyday citizens performing extraordinary acts of kindness set to tongue-in-cheek narration.

“They call us typical Americans. Maybe because we live typical American lives.”

The ad debuted on Budweiser’s social media channels the same week the U.S. saw its first diagnosed coronavirus case in Washington state and the same day China’s Wuhan province — the epicenter of the virus’s outbreak — was placed under strict quarantine.

On Wednesday, Budweiser released another ad featuring a doctor, first responders, a soldier and other everyday citizens performing ordinary and extraordinary acts during a time unthinkable to most just two months ago.

With “One Team,” the St. Louis-based brewer addresses the coronavirus pandemic by saluting the healthcare workers, the scientists, the volunteers, the people delivering meals and groceries, the blood donors, the teachers and others stepping up in a moment of crisis to help others.


I love beer commercials. Year after year, Super Bowl after Super Bowl, they're always the best. Budweiser has long been known for their recognizable commercials that pull at the heartstrings of America.

Budweiser says that this season, we're all one team, which is why they will be shifting their sports investments to host American Red Cross blood drives at stadiums nationwide and producing hand sanitizer at a number of their breweries.



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  • Good for you Budweiser!!! Glad to see them helping. They forgot to thank God. So thank you God for your help, for your love and for giving us the fortitude.


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